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Engagement Opportunities

with Dr. W. J. Hardiman

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Book Performances

Experience Dr. W. Joye Hardiman’s brilliance, energy, and passion as she  draws upon ancient and indigenous wisdoms and her lived experiences, to impart  a powerful  blueprint for personal and professional growth and Ra-connection in troubled times. Her dramatic reading that combines oratory, mime, and call and response is powerful, evocative, and inspiring.


Go through the portal with Dr. Hardiman as she shares lessons learned from living her life as an Applied Scholar of African Ascendency and wisdoms earned from committing her life to Appreciative Inquiry and to restoring that which was in ruin and making it more beautiful than before. The power of Ra-membered purpose, linguistic attention and walking in Sankofa are always addressed.

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Welcome Dr. W. Joye Hardiman into your classrooms organizations and conferences to facilitate your groups journey through identifying those  Falsehoods that block their purpose, joy, energy, and well-being and replacing them with Truth activation plans that promote abundance, hope, gratitude, excellence, lifelong learning, and linguistic RA-imaging.


Embark on an introspection expedition with Dr. W. Joye  Hardiman to identify personal and professional falsehoods,  evidenced truths and linguistic pathways for Self-maximization and Ra-connection  with the  Greater Self . Learn how to be indigestible while in the belly of the beast. Available as one to one sessions, group work or customized for retreats.

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